Everyone worships something.  It’s true, we give worth to (worship) all sorts of things in our life – our job, our kids, our finances.  The goal of our worship gatherings at Community Church is to remind ourselves and remind one another who is truly worthy of that worship.  We gather together to celebrate what God is doing and prepare ourselves to be a part of what God is going to do in and through us.  We hope you will join us for Sunday worship.  Find our times and location here.

Welcome from the Director of Worship Arts


Join the worship team

Do you want to use your musical gifts to help lead the church in worship?  To start the process of serving with the worship team, fill out the application below and a member of the worship department will contact you to follow up.

Worship Team Application

Serve on the tech team

Members of the Tech Team work together on Sunday mornings, often serving in different capacities simultaneously, to provide an environment where God’s Spirit can interact with people without distraction or hindrance. The Community Church Tech Team prepares, operates, and supports the audio, lighting, visual components of our Sunday morning worship experiences.  Fill out this form to start the process of leading on this team.

Tech Team Application


We use a great resource for web music called Spotify to share the songs that we sing at Community Church.  Enjoy.

Use the play button above to listen to the songs that have been sung at Community Church this past month.  All songs listed here are recorded by the original artists.  Discover some new music to add to your home playlist!

Worship Sound Policy

Here is the Sound Policy for our church, supported by our elders after research, prayer, and discussion.  We hope this document will explain our practices and help answer your questions. Please be assured that our church leadership makes the safety of our church, both present and future, one of the highest priorities in each decision.

View the Sound Policy