We Love Parents!

Here at studentLife, we fully believe that parents are the greatest influence on the spiritual development of their teens. As a result, it is our desire to partner with parents and provide them resources and opportunities for their students to encounter God in new and exciting ways.

As a parent, if you ever have a question about the ministry, an event, or series, please do not hesitate to contact Jeff Huisjen, director of StudentLife, at jeff.huisjen@mpcc.org.

Stay Connected!

We send out regular emails about what we are talking about on Sunday nights so parents can continue the conversation at home.  To ensure you stay up to date on our current series and upcoming dates, announcements, and trips, make sure you are signed up for our parent email list!


studentLife Parent Email Sign Up

We Need Parents!

Parents are also a huge part of keeping the ministry running. You can contribute in a variety of roles to fill a wide range of needs including, but not limited to:

  • Weekly facility needs (ie: stocking cafe, programming set up, construction projects, etc.)
  • Provide food or snacks for an event
  • Help support students financially on trips or retreats
  • Serve as an operations team member during programming (welcome, attendance, etc.)
  • Serve occasionally on a parents advisory team (allow Aaron to bounce ideas off you)
  • Cheerleader (encourage your student to jump into StudentLife events, talk about the ministry, etc.)
  • And much more! (insert your gift here…)

Contact Jeff at jeff.huisjen@mpcc.org to partner with studentLife!  Or click the link below to start the process.


Help Support StudentLife

student Leadership

Here at Community Church we believe our junior and senior high students are not just the church of tomorrow, they are the church of today.  We desire to give our students an opportunity to discover a deepening personal relationship with Jesus Christ and connecting them to a greater church family here at Community Church.  As a result, CRAVE and ELEMENT have relevant, dynamic teaching that sometimes intersects with the same teaching series we have for our Sunday morning worship services for adults, all with a focus on student issues and maturity.

Small Groups

We are always looking forward to what our students will be learning together at Crave and Element.  Small Groups are a central component of our ministry. Every Sunday CRAVE and ELEMENT meeting includes a time for your student to get into a small group of students with a leader and discuss the topics being covered. This allows our students to go deeper in their personal faith.

Thank you for your support and for lending us your students. We appreciate all you do!