Community Church elders are ordained leaders who provide general oversight of the vision and mission of the church. They also provide spiritual guidance, care and conflict resolution among church members. Elders are selected by the congregation and serve no more than two consecutive terms. Current Elders on session are:
  • Mary Barz
  • Greg Burch
  • Tom Creguer
  • Alan Cullen
  • Mike Dunham
  • Brad Eldred
  • Wally Hostetter (Moderator)
  • Charles Kepner
  • Harmony Nowlin
  • Robert Schumacker
  • Wes Wickes¬†(Clerk of Session)
  • Tim Wolff

To contact the Elders of Community Church, use our Contact Page and select “Elders” from the “To” field. ¬†All Community Church Elders will receive your communication.