Community Church deacons are ordained leaders who support the congregation through ministry of care and presence. Deacons assist Community Church families facing grief, loneliness and uncertainty. They also oversee the Deacon Fund that provides assistance to Community Church families facing financial challenges. Deacons are selected by the congregation and serve no more than two consecutive terms.

To inquire about Deacon assistance, please call (989) 317-3231.

There are occasions when the Deacons need volunteer assistance in providing Congregational Care.  If you would like to assist the Deacons in providing Congregational Care, you may complete a volunteer application and a Deacon will contact you with more information.


Community Church trustees are leaders selected by the congregation to oversee the finances, facility, human resources and legal affairs of the congregation. Their purpose is to ensure that Community Church steward all its resources to the glory of God. Trustees serve no more than two consecutive terms.

To contact the Trustees of Community Church, use our Contact Page and select “Trustees” from the “To” field.  All Community Church Trustees will receive your communication.